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CFDTool - An Easy to Use Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD Toolbox for MATLAB

CFD Simulation Toolbox for MATLAB, with the OpenFOAM, and SU2 Solvers

Get Started with Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer Simulation in Minutes!

Fully Integrated, Intuitive, and Easy to Use GUI

No Programming Required, Define Complex Expressions Just Like Writing by Hand

CFDTool - An Easy to Use Computational Fluid Dynamics CFD Toolbox for MATLAB

CFDTool, is based on the FEATool Multiphysics simulation platform, and features an interface that has been specifically designed and developed to make computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and heat transfer simulations both easy and fun!

CFDTool - Geometry and CAD Modeling

The toolbox is fully integrated with MATLAB, with everything you need to set up, perform, and analyze CFD simulations, including CAD geometry modeling, automatic mesh generation, postprocessing and visualization, as well as built-in support for the OpenFOAM and SU2 CFD solvers.

The intuitive GUI allows you to start modeling right away without spending time learning a complex solver or programming syntax. Non-linear expressions and coefficients can be defined and entered just as written on paper.


Moreover, the unique solver integrations allows you to define your model once, and then use any and all the CFD solvers interchangeably, which can be invaluable for testing and validation.

CFDTool is suitable for everyone from students and beginners learning basic fluid dynamics and/or heat transfer modeling, to researchers and engineers who can save a lot of time from not having to set up solvers and simulation problems by hand.

State of the Art Simulation Technology!

Define your model only once, and then use the leading CFD solvers interchangeably!

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OpenFOAM is one of the leading solvers for computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulation, and used in industry by for example VW, BMW, Ford Motor Company, Airbus, Siemens, and General Electric.”

“The Stanford University SU2 Code is a popular academic research CFD solver applicable to a wide range of specialized fluid dynamics problems such as compressible flows and aerodynamic shape optimization.”

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“CFDTool features native integration with MATLAB and supports calling user defined m-file scripts, solvers, and custom functions for example for material, boundary, and postprocessing coefficients.”

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“With built-in modeling, automatic mesh generation, pre and post-processing tools, including convenient one-click export to fully interactive ParaView and Plotly on-line web browser plots, CFDTool comes everything you need to quickly get started with CFD simulation.”

Features and Pricing

License Type ⓘ Pricing is based on personal, academic, or commercial use, with 1 year time-limited and perpetual license types. Time-limited licenses include software updates for the whole duration, and perpetual licenses include 1 year of the software maintenance (updates and optionally academic/commercial priority support). Further extensions of the software maintenance package for perpetual licenses is available after the first year
Product ⓘ CFDTool is based on the FEATool Multiphysics simulation platform, and features a simplified interface specially tailored for fluid dynamics and heat transfer simulationsCFDTool
1D, 2D, 3D Simulation ⓘ Modeling and simulation in 1D, 2D, Axisymmetry (with swirl effects), as well as full 3D
CAD Geometry Modeling ⓘ Built-in CAD tools for 2D and 3D geometry modeling, including geometry import and export in BREP, IGES, OBJ, STEP, and STL CAD exchange formats
Automatic Mesh Generation ⓘ Automatic unstructured mesh generation and mesh import/export is supported using either of the built-in, GiD, Gmsh, Gridgen2D and Triangle mesh generators
Postprocessing & Visualization ⓘ Built-in postprocessing, visualization, and analysis tools are available as well as data export to CSV, GMV, ParaView VTK, and Plotly visualization formats and tools
Heat Transfer ⓘ Physics for conjugate heat transfer is pre-defined with optional convective flow and user defined reaction/source term
Fluid Dynamics ⓘ Incompressible laminar and turbulent flows (Navier-Stokes equations with RANS turbulence models), as well as the compressible inviscid Euler equations is supported
Multiphysics ⓘ FEATool Multiphysics also features pre-defined equations for structural mechanics, electromagnetics, classic PDEs and also supports user-defined PDEs and multiphysics couplings
MATLAB Solver ⓘ The built-in solvers supports linear, non-linear, and time-dependent coupled solution of multiphysics systems (as well as eigenvalue/frequency solver where applicable)
OpenFOAM CFD Solver ⓘ The OpenFOAM solver integration allows OpenFOAM to be used directly from the toolbox GUI. Alternatively, one can also use the toolbox as GUI pre/post-processor to automatically create and export or import OpenFOAM grid and case files (requires additional download and setup)
SU2 CFD Solver ⓘ The external SU2 CFD solver comes included with the toolbox and can be used as an alternative to the built-in and OpenFOAM CFD solvers for fluid dynamics problems
FEniCS FEA Solver ⓘ FEniCS is a general finite element method based solver, supports general multiphysics problems as an alternative to the built-in multiphysics solver. The FEniCS solver integration allows multiphysics simulation problems to be exported to convenient Python simulation scripts (requires additional download and setup)
Script Modeling ⓘ FEATool Multiphysics supports saving and exporting simulation models as MATLAB m-file scripts which can be useful for advanced users to customize, parametrize, and automate physics simulations
User Defined Equations ⓘ User defined PDE equation and editing the built-in physics modes are both supported by FEATool Multiphysics to accommodate all types of custom modeling and continuum mechanics simulations
Community Forum ⓘ Please feel free to join the user community and forum available at
Priority Support ⓘ Technical and priority support is included with academic and commercial software maintenance package for perpetual licenses, and can also be purchased separately if desired

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*) Online payments are processed securely by Stripe and charged in Hong Kong Dollars (HKD), while can be made in major currencies. After the payment has been processed you will be forwarded to a webpage and receive a token for registering and enabling all software and modeling features.

Time limited licenses include all updates for the duration of the license, and perpetual licenses include updates (and priority support where applicable) for 1 year, after which the update/support maintenance contact can optionally be extended if desired.


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