FEATool Multiphysics and has been specifically designed and developed to make coupled physics simulations, including fluid flow and heat transfer, both easier and more enjoyable. Setting up and performing computational fluid dynamics (CFD) simulations in MATLAB has never before been as simple and convenient as with FEATool.
FEATool with OpenFOAM CFD Solver GUI


  • Completely stand-alone and self-contained MATLAB CFD simulation toolbox
  • Seamless GUI integration with the OpenFOAM CFD Solver
  • One-click installation with fully integrated and easy to use Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • Built-in geometry and design tools with STL CAD file import
  • Automatic unstructured grid generation, and mesh import from several different formats
  • Pre-defined equations and boundary conditions for viscous incompressible and inviscid compressible fluid flows, and conjugate heat transfer (1D, 2D, axisymmetry, swirl flows, and 3D)
  • Stationary and time dependent, linear and non-linear flow solvers
  • Built-in postprocessing and visualization
  • Support for general expressions and custom MATLAB functions in equation, boundary, and postprocessing expressions
More Information
*)  In addition to flow and heat transfer modeling in 1D, 2D, and 3D, FEATool Multiphysics also supports the following features:
  • modeling in axisymmetric and cylindrical coordinates systems with swirl flow effects
  • meshing and grid generation with unlimited grid sizes
  • support for instationary and turbulent flows with the OpenFOAM solver
  • advanced grid generation options (use different grid sizes in subdomains and boundaries, with optional adaptive boundary layer meshing)
  • grid import from FEniCS, GiD, Gmsh, GMV, and Triangle mesh formats
  • 2D geometry import from planar STL CAD files
  • higher order discretizations for more accurate solutions
  • advanced postprocessing, such as min, max, point, and line evaluations
  • boundary and subdomain integration for drag and lift coefficient evaluation
*)  FEA models can be loaded directly into FEATool Multiphysics and be extended with additional coupled physics modes such as convection, diffusion, and reaction for chemical transport modeling, or structural mechanics for stress analysis. Moreover, FEATool also integrates with external solvers such as FEniCS, supports modeling in full 3D, custom PDE equations, and m-file scripting and modeling on the MATLAB command line interface (CLI).